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Depressed caregiver

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Thank you for letting me know that, even at my age, there are other people who cry watching movies. I just finished watching "Young Patton" and I cried, I cried to the very end.

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The arts effect us all differently! I love it when I cry at movies, or the person I am with cries. I discovered that my current husband is really an emotional person overall, even though he is very left brained. He never did much with the arts and when in our early dating years, we went to a movie, and I heard him sniffling! I saw he was crying. I was not effected in the same way, but it gave me insighjt into his emotions and brain! I started to take him with me and helped him enjoy his time staring at a a painting in a gallery, listening to music, etc. that provoked emotion for him. It reminded me of our differences, but also his empathy. As humans we really share so much, but frequently ignore it, or don't talk about it. The Arts, like moves, help us with those unsaid emotions! During Covid I have missed going to movies in a theater. Watching/listening to the movie and feeling the wonder of shared emotions, laughter, silent, gasps, tears make movies a wonderful experience if we "let it". If you have hearing issues, 99% of theaters now have closed caption devices for you to use. Keep enjoying those movies, at home, on your PC, etc. Thanks for sharing!

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