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Antisynthetase Syndrome: Anyone else?

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Hi @johnbishop, thank you for sending the link for the site with information about how to prepare for appointments with my care team. Most of my questions that I'm hoping to have answered revolve around my potential new diagnosis of ANCA vasculitis, as I know very little about this disease, its prognosis, and what it may mean in relation to my anti-synthetase diagnosis. I do know that the vasculitis can affect kidneys and lungs, and I am wondering how this might affect my lung function in the future, or if it may have already caused irreversible damage when the hemorrhaging occurred last month. The process of diagnosing the vasculitis has been ambiguous and unclear so far, although I had a kidney biopsy done in my home town last month and will be curious about how the Mayo doctors interpret those results. Thanks again for reaching out and sharing the link. I will definitely use that resource next week when meeting with my doctors at Mayo.

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Just as an FYI, another member created a discussion about an article they read on ANCA-associated vasculitis that you might find helpful – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/592708/

Hope you get all your questions answered next week and can provide an update!