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COVID vaccination before transplant

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Would it be helpful to test for the covid-19 spike protein antibodies?

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@hello1234 I would think it would be helpful to test for antibodies. My transplant was almost 5 years ago. My transplant team would not write a lab order for the antibody test but my PCP did and I do have antibodies which is somewhat reassuring. I think it would definitely be helpful to determine if the vaccine that was given prior to transplant has been affected by the immunosuppressants. My gut feeling is that the antibodies remain strong. I think that because we are not advised to get repeat vaccinations for other things that we may have had prior to transplant.

We asked the transplant coordinator last week and they ordered an antibody test to be done along with his regular lab work this week, so we will see. I read on the news this morning that there's the possibility that CDC will recommend a 3rd dose of vaccine for the immuno-compromised. So…jury still out.