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Post Surgical Nasal Sinus Dysfunction/ENS

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@nrd1, I had a consult with my Mayo ENT doctor about getting a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum and possibly help my breathing. He was very thorough in explaining the risks vs benefits which made me thing a little more on the surgery which I'm not sure I really want to do now. It is a big decision. Are you able to share a little more about your surgery and what side effects you are having? It might help others to know and maybe they will have some suggestions based on their experiences for the side effects you have.

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@johnbishop-Hi John. Thank you for asking. I think what you had working in your favor when you met with a Mayo ENT is that they are paid in salary and not by surgeries performed.
Most ENTs go over some of the major risks, but not the more common risks to patients.
The nose is a highly subjective area. ENTs know this. No ENT can visually make adjustments to your nose and know what you will be feeling or how you will be breathing. When dealing with as much as millimeters, there is just no way. Every surgery brings scar tissue. The nose is the worst place you can possibly have scar tissue.
The risks are far too many for the little to no improvement these subjective based surgeries might provide.
To work properly the nose needs to have tight junctions. When these areas are altered and opened, your airway is changed in a way that can not be reversed. This damages your entire respiratory/pulmonary reflex.
Causing damaging effects to the autonomic nervous system.
John-could you share the risks that your ENT covered with you?