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Im getting glasses

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Hi @ajin1012 I saw your posting just as i got home from my eye doctor! What a coincidence! I’ve been wearing glasses for 60 years and wouldn’t recognize myself without them. My eye doctor told me something similar—I’ll be able to see fine at a distance but will need glasses for reading or the computer after cataract surgery. What your doctor told you is correct. You’re biggest decision will be what bright, fun glasses you’ll want to get!
If your eye doctor has an optical shop as part of his practice, that would be a good place to start. The folks who work there are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Will you let @jenniferhunter and me know how the experience goes?

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@becsbuddy Hey Becky, I'm waiting on my new prescription glasses right now and had just been at my eye doctor. I got pretty daring this time with some brightly colored frames. For all the times I had wanted my glasses to blend in more, sometimes a girl just needs some new style! I got a different frame in similar colors (teal and purple) for prescription sunglasses. I have slight cataracts starting, so I'm trying to prevent as much as I can with new sunglasses that block out the ultra violet and blue wavelengths that cause damage. I also got a blue blocking coating on the regular glasses.