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Im getting glasses

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@ajin1012 Hello and welcome to Connect. I am not a medical professional, so I can't diagnose or advise about health conditions, but I can share my experience. Did your eye doctor discuss bifocals with you? With bifocals you would have your distance prescription and a lens carved out on the lower half (which must be placed carefully) that will focus at closer distances. Do you see well at close distances without glasses? Perhaps that is why he said it. You might be able to have half glasses that have only distance and are small enough that you can look under them for close up. I got my first pair of progressive bifocals at around age 40. I changed the regular bifocals that show a line in them because they were more accurate and didn't distort at the side vision, and I've had a pair of just distance that I looked under. Think about what solution would work for you. Eyes often change with age, and my near vision got better for a mid range like a computer distance, but closer is hard to focus, so I have a bifocal for that. I find myself taking off glasses to try to read labels at the grocery store. I can see well enough with just a distance lens as long as I don't try to read with it. I think that my vision improved because I'm an artist and painting without my glasses which was exercising my eyes. The lens changes shape because eye muscles pull on it, but it gets stiffer and less accommodating with age and near vision suffers.

Is this going to be your first pair of eye glasses?

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Thanks, I am getting regular glasses for nearsightedness. I have seen well without glasses for near distances, but my vision for ranged distance has progressively gotten worse. This will be my very first pair of glasses so I am still unfamiliar with the topic.

Hi @ajin1012 I saw your posting just as i got home from my eye doctor! What a coincidence! I’ve been wearing glasses for 60 years and wouldn’t recognize myself without them. My eye doctor told me something similar—I’ll be able to see fine at a distance but will need glasses for reading or the computer after cataract surgery. What your doctor told you is correct. You’re biggest decision will be what bright, fun glasses you’ll want to get!
If your eye doctor has an optical shop as part of his practice, that would be a good place to start. The folks who work there are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Will you let @jenniferhunter and me know how the experience goes?