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Sudden PVCs with congenital heart disease

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The cardiologist I saw on June 26th is a specialist in adult chd. He did seem a bit nonchalant about the whole thing, seemingly blaming my history of anxiety. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt until I at least get my holter results. I was told I would receive a call by today but I am still waiting.

As I stated I didn’t have any noticeable PVCs while being monitored, although two days later an episode began lasting about 6 hours with near constant fluttering. When it finally subsided I was left with what felt like a knot underneath my sternum with a sharp pain associated with it. It is gone now but as I am writing this I feel the fluttering slowly coming in and out.

I am also assuming that the ER doctor who diagnosed the PVCs is correct. While discussing this with other people I became wary when they asked about the pattern. With it being every other beat, second, third, etc. I honestly didn’t know how to answer because to me it just feels like a chaotic fluttering with no discernible pattern. Sometimes these flutters last about 8 seconds, subside for maybe a minute or two and then come back.

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Also I am concerned because this whole ordeal began about 20 days ago and has already caused a lot of interruptions for my career and daily life and I won’t have any other appointments for another 30. My fear is that if this is serious that I will be left here waiting when I should be getting it taken care of.