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Chronic pain on the left side

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Good afternooon @hopeful33250 Well, my sysmptoms are more like it hurts on the left side when my bladder is also full, then after urination I feel like something draws back(maybe my bladder sphincter) and at that time it hurts the most. Then I feel the abnormal pain when I feel turned on or so, so I better dont think about it too much. It hurts me everyday, the pain got worse since the December when I had lots of bacteria inside my vagina, then it got even worse in January and its literally escalating the past two weeks I just cant even walk, nor sit, or ride a bike. I havent had the CT nor colonoscopy done, but Iam going to had the magnetic resonance done on 5 of July – it is spinal cord and backbone. I feel it also more when pressing between the bones near labia majora (red spot on picture), also when the gynecologist was examinating me or when the urologist put the hyaluronic acid straight into my bladder I felt the biggest pain. Im no expert but Im kind of worried its pudendal nerve entrapment or inflammation, but noone has ever heard of it in my country (Slovakia), nor can I find anyone who specialises on this topic. Classic neurologists have never heard of these symptoms I have.

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As you are in a country where there isn't good medical care for your symptoms, is it at all possible for you to travel to get more sophisticated medical care? Mayo Clinic has a location in London, or if you can come to the U.S. there are three Mayo locations.

If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, contact one of the appointment offices. The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63.

I hope you are able to find some help. Will you post again and let me know how you are doing seeking help?