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swollen feet/toe post hip replacement

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After my hip replacement my foot swelled up but that went with some diuretics now it is a bit more swollen and the top of foot is achey. In the picture you can see the joint where big toe meets foot is a bit dicoloured bruised ev en but i do not recall injuring it.my gp says its nothing to worry about. any ideas or what it might be and relievin pain

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@lotsofpain Congratulations on your new hip! I hope it was successful and brought you new freedom with mobility! I have 3 friends who all had hip surgeries in the past year and wow, it has changed their lives! Like kids again…ok, like Old kids… but it gave them a new lease on life. Are you able to get around easier now with walking?

How long ago was your surgery? Are you keeping the foot/leg elevated several times a day? That goes a long way in reducing the continued swelling in the feet and toes. When there is accumulated fluid (edema) the swelling can cause irritation to underlying blood vessels causing tiny amounts of blood to leak in the tissue. Same way a bruise is created. The bending of your toe, if there’s swelling around it, might be enough to cause those little capillaries to leak, causing the bruising.

If your doctor isn’t concerned and you’re managing the swelling then it is fine to just keep an eye on it. Edema can also cause the area to ache from the tissues being stretched. Have you tried icing the area? Can you take over the counter pain relief such as Tylenol? Ask your doctor if it’s ok to do so, That might be enough to take away the aches.

Are you able to get in several sessions of walking daily? It’s good to try and walk around 250 steps per hour to keep good circulation in your extremities and to keep the muscles and tendons around that new hip moving freely!

Good morning – Looking at that toe, I see discoloration, but right now at least no swelling. Remember that with your surgery, there was A LOT of bleeding from the procedure, then you had edema, with the capillary leaks Lori was describing – it looks to me like some blood is pooled there and will go away with time.
So, are you living somewhere with either the current extreme heat or rain/changeable weather? Those can often make things achy.
Unless this gets worse – swollen, hot or pulsating, it too will pass with time and continued healing.
Keep moving – that's the best medicine!