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Sinus infection and constant head pressure

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At the time your symptoms began did you have a head injury… even just a little bump that you shrugged off??

Please know I have no medical training whatsoever. This is from my own experiences and my research.. which it has been a long time since I have I done research. Today my time is limited because of grandchildren. .. so some more research on your own needed.

Other than allergies or your nasal anatomy is off.. like a deviated septum… the only other reason I can think of for your problem is a brain leak. More info here https://www.cedars-sinai.org/health-library/diseases-and-conditions/c/cerebrospinal-fluid-leak.html .

If allergies or environmental irritation from what you breathe in then saline nasal rinses should help along with allergy medication. Instead of the nasal rinse or neti pot that you have to mix I have been using Arm & Hammer Simply Saline nasal mist. You can mist it in or use it like a nasal rinse. I used it this morning .. along with my nasal antihistamine spray. .. and the nasal drip stopped. I will do the same this evening. If I get drippy or stuffy between times I use the saline spray. It washes the irritants out and moistens the nasal passages. a lot of times our nasal passages are dry and the mucus … aka snot.. thickens and gets stringy. Sometimes only one side.. for some odd reason. Many sites will tell you how snot forms… just put in your web browsers search engine “ where does snot come from” .. you will even find videos.


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Well I banged my top forehead 2018 on corner of being-built deck as stood up from underneath picking up stuff and hit right on sharp corner and heard the bang, noise , but I didnt get a bump, but a dent, still there. Didnt bleed but sort of a scratch.. my dr. laughed at it.
Since had half, right thyroid, out, only ever then got mucous (snot) from right side going down back of throat since 2008!! couldnt blow it out had to draw it down throat, and nothing from left.
2020 started this pulling out ribbons of it and at first I thought oh no, its a worm or something, but wasnt! Ugh However, through the clearness and I even took bad photo of it, there is a sort of spiral pattern in, no kidding. Then every day mostly in evening when reading in bed, about ten, pulled them out like strings and it went on for a year… now still only right side and its half and half.. sometimes like a little spider web so thin.. my husband says why are you looking at it??? …am sure nothing serious although do have other issues and I wonder if glaucoma and dry eye drops are running down inside, but why only right side, weird. Thanks for info will take a peeek. Stranger than fiction! lol

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