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Dana, Volunteer Mentor (@danab)

Low Iron Levels and Weakness

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Hello, Dana, @danab I echo the folks above and add a couple of sides. I'm 74, have several issues that make my hormones wonky. Thyroid I take med early, by itself, before breakfast. That seems to be important. Also, I have severe obstructive apnea and use a bipap machine at night. When I had the overnight sleep study test at Mayo a year ago or so, they diagnosed me with restless leg syndrome. I knew my legs hurt all the time in some way, had to keep moving all night long and could never get comfy. With the diagnosis, the doc had ferrous level tested for iron level. My was low off the charts.

She started me taking Vitron-C, it works well. We increased the dosage, but I understand they now find more iron supplementation isn't always a good thing, as the body can't utilize more. It takes a long time to get the levels up and stay up, just how the body works. My levels are down again and I may be heading for IV infusion. But, the doc is staying on top of it and yes, it's helping a lot. With the RLS and energy level and general feeling of malaise is improved. I noticed a huge improvement after a while taking the Vitron-C.

BTW: I let my hair grow out and it's now silver. Had black hair, stopped coloring. After taking iron, my hair is darker, now I'm salt and pepper with much more pepper. Funny, eh? Could make a fortune off that somehow…..

Oh, my grandfather died due to pernicious anemia, so we're watching this iron closely, as the B's. I have B and D deficiencies, so supplement with those and with B12 shots every 2 weeks. Might have those levels ck'd as they also contribute to energy greatly.

Best of luck in your investigation. Blessings to you and your wife.

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@patientk @roch @deechase @ess77 @shirlpat @lindes Hi Everyone and Thanks for all the wonderfull advice. She had her first IV yesterday and is feeling the effects today which seems common (I feel the same the day after a IVIG treatment I get every 2 months) but hopeful the next treatment next Thursday will get her back up to a good level. I was mostly happy at least the Infusion did not cause any side effects which for her can be an issue. So they only planned 2 treatmens so far and retest labs the week after Her next treatment.

They did check her B12 and that was fine and she does take vitamin C on a daily bases. So Thanks everyone and Ill follow Up after next week.

@sport1776 No not that I have heard of. They tested so many things when she was in the Hosipital Im not sure if that one was tested. But Thanks Ill keep that in mind.

@lindes I know what you mean Im surprised myself that this wasn't tested in the Hosipital. Her Hemotoligist / Oncologest just out of the Blue decided to check it. So maybe the next time you see your Doctor ask about it.
Have a Blessed Day Everyone

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