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Low Iron Levels and Weakness

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I have had problems maintaining my Iron level in past and was treated with IV Iron treatments. The IV treatments will help, but may need to be repeated in future. I had to have it repeated multiple times. I think they repeated every 6 months. I no longer need anymore. Testing for Ferritin (iron) is usually not done unless requested. My underlying cause was malabsorption due to surgery on stomach. Anything your wife can eat or drink with high levels of protein will help.

Prior to Iron infusions, provider recommended Vitron-C., a iron supplement formulated with Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body better absorb iron.

My tests were ordered and results monitored by a hematologist.

If they ran lab tests, they probably already checked the thyroid. I take thyroid medications and if dosage is off or another medication is interfering with Synthroid, it can also cause the same symptoms. Example, if take an Iron supplement, never take at same time as thyroid medication..

Hope iron infusions help,


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I have had low Iron and Ferritin levels for several years. This and my anemia are caused because of poor absorption due to numerous stomach and intestinal surgeries.

I can tell you that when I have an Iron and Ferritin infusion that my fatigue is lessened and my energy increased. I was getting these infusions every 3 months at Vanderbilt Clinic in Tennessee. I also give myself B-12 injections every month and that seems to help but, not as much as the infusions.
Now that I have moved to Jacksonville I am trying to get an appointment at Mayo in order to get established with a Hematologist but getting an appointment is really very difficult.

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