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Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy??

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I found this thread on a google search. I had my only BMB January 2021. It is now June 2021. The nerve pain is unbearable. I have done literally everything I know to help it but nothing does. Physical therapy, dry needling, ice, chiro, biofreeze, cbd, aleve, and on and on. I had an appt with a pain mgmt anesthesiologist and he did xrays (as did chiro) and he thinks it has zero to do with BMB (I disagree and chiro disagrees). Either way, I guess it doesn't matter. What matters is, I need hope that it will go away. It's going on 5 months of constant pain – most in sitting, driving, sleeping. I was super active before this and now I feel crippled. Did you get relief?? I have an appt to get injection into my spine at L4/L5 next week but I don't think that's the right spot. I think it needs to be nearer to the BMB site or sciatic nerve path. I don't know how to go about telling a Dr this either!

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@snacker1206 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are fellow patients, family members, and caregivers here, sharing our experiences with others.

I have had 4 bone marrow biopsies, one on left side, three on the right. While I have not experienced any severe aftereffects like you have, there were a few days of discomfort. Have you checked with the dr who did the original procedure, to get their thoughts on the pain? If the pain is centered around the biopsy site, there might have been some bleeding there. I'm not sure what kind of image would be needed to understand what is going on there. Has anyone suggested heat packs, or a nerve medication?

Please let me know what your dr says after you approach him on this. I think he needs to know about your discomfort!

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