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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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What is the most successful treatment/drug for treating osteoporosis? I meet with my doctor about my recent bone scan showed it has moved into my hips, so I know we will be discussing going on pharmaceutical. I am 63 years old and went through menopause early @ 45+.

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Good evening @sbauer4 and welcome, welcome, welcome, to Connect. It is such a pleasure to see your post. How did you find us? So many of us are just trying to figure out what is the best decision. It seems like there are a lot of options but it is difficult to put together a safe and secure plan for treating osteoporosis.
Basically, you have just a few choices:
1. Start with bisphosphonates….like Boniva. I was very allergic to those options. These medications do not build bone….they keep it from being attacked by an aging body.
2. Start with a medication that builds bone…..like Forteo or Tymlos. You can take these for up to 2 years. Then you must begin a save the bone med like Prolia.
3. Evenity is one of the newest osteoporosis medications. It builds bone and protects what it has built. After 18 months or two years….you will need to move to a bisphosphonate or Prolia.
4. You will need to review these with your medical clinician and learn about how your body might respond.

I just finished two years of daily injections with Tymlos. I held my own and improved my hip scores toward the osteopenia direction. There are beginning to be postings from folks on Evenity which you might like to explore. You also have to monitor your Vitamin D and Calcium intake to make sure you have the stuff you need to make bone.

Let me know how I can help from this point. I am 79 and started menopause right at 50.
May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.

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