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I noticed you received a very tense passive aggressive response to saying the vaccine needs to be looked at closer. Ill relate to you this….my daughter went for a tetnus shot in 20011 and got tetnus. The shot was hot. It means it accidently did have live virus. So i just want to thank you for the heads up. Ive had tetnus shots before all my kids have and even she had before after that one shot she never could have it again. So i believe u when you say that it happened and that its been happening. It might have gone completely unnoticed or been recalled and no one wanted to be held accountable. Im sorry for your misfortune and please continue to use your voice no matter how much mayo clinic seems to want to shut you up. Id ask for your lot number and check w the pharmacy if there was a recall. My son got bad albuterol once. Crap was inert. Pharmacy never told us until i complained. Then it was oh yeah that was recalled. I no longer have any respect for this website after scott j's comments. That behavior is just really foul and unworthy of such a great clinic.im unsubscribing.

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Dear @umhiguys, Thank-you for the positivity, it is appreciated. Please do not unsubscribe because of yesterdays comments. Scott has a right to believe whatever he wants. As for your daughter and the Tetanus shot, that is very scary. I hope she came through that ordeal well and fine (as could be!). They say there is no such thing as a coincidence, and "mistakes" happen. For the technician to relate her concern about people developing Covid after being vaccinated was frightening. And you are so right, anything can happen inside the lab where the vaccines are developed. Also, I was tested the second time at the ER, (and admitted to hospital) because I was so ill. How many vaccinated people may have had Covid mildly, and did not get tested? Again, thank-you. You made my day!