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What are people's experience with Inversion tables?

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Hi @cindiwass, if your blood pressure is super high, I would definitely consult your physician before following through with full inversion. I would read above to see the side effects that some members experienced.

You will see that I have moved your comment to a discussion about inversion tables so that you can connect with people who have tried it like @bill54321, @jeffkboyce, and @johnbishop.

Can you explain how you modified it by using your bed's headboard, I am not sure I can envision what you did?

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I know that teeter definitely suggests to not invert with high blood pressure. You could try zero gravity or a really gentle setting and have someone check your pressure while you are on the table. It naturally raises blood pressure and everything rushes to your head. So if you already are high talk to your doctor. I decided to just throw mine away – I am sitting on the couch literally right now day 2 post op of bilateral hernia surgery from the thing. Not saying inversion is bad but unfortunately some of us just can’t invert.

Hi, thank you, I am sorry I couldn't get back before now. I lie on my back on the bed and grab on to the headboard in reachable distance over my head but not too high. So I pull on it while I'm laying there and it seems to extend my muscles (bones?) around my lower waist area, the feeling of elongment seems to extend to my leg that hurts apparently from the arthritis in that hip. I'm thinking to put some kind of strap near the end of the bed where my feet are so I can grab my feet on it while I pull from the top. But I have to figure how I'm going to do that. Anyway, with the way things go with me, it probably won't work to alleviate the pain. They said I need a knee and hip replacement and I'm really afraid to get the operation, fearing it won't work. I'm thinking of chiropractic treatment, also maybe needling to ease the pain. It's hard, I can't walk very well. 🙁

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