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@thomason You’ve certainly had a time of it with your illness and lung disease. It also sounds like you’re a ‘long hauler’ from the Covid virus. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all of these health issues. It has to be exhausting and frustrating for you. We have a good discussion group regarding Covid long-haulers which you might find interesting. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/long-hauler/?pg=1#comment-601780

Thank you for sharing your experience with getting Covid for a second time after being fully vaccinated. It can and does happen. As with any vaccination, it is given to teach the body how to recognize and fight the virus. It doesn’t mean it will prevent it 100%. Also, people can have the virus without symptoms and be the carriers/spreaders to others. That’s why it’s still important to follow proper virus protocol even when vaccinated when you have an underlying health concern.

Reading some of your past discussions you have some serious lung issues going on. You’ve been treated with very strong antibiotics and steroids. Both of which can leave you with a compromised or weakened immune system. For that reason, even though you’ve been vaccinated and that you were shown to be positive for Covid antibodies, it doesn’t mean your immune system has built up sufficient immunity to the Covid Virus. So you can catch it again. You were shown to have ‘long term’ antibodies. Unfortunately no one can determine yet how long the antibodies will remain effective. The data on that is sparse as the virus simply hasn’t been around long enough to determine that information.

The vaccine CAN NOT spread Covid-19. None of the Covid Vaccines contain live virus. That is sadly a false rumor with no validity. It’s harmful that someone in the medical profession would share that myth as it does nothing to help with mitigating this pandemic situation.

Wishing you good health...Lori.

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@loribmt, Thank-you, for the reply. What you say is very true, and since the vaccine contains no live virus, it would be impossible to transmit it in that manner. However, I am a very active person, and am around many different people on a daily basis. It is odd, (thank God) that I do not get colds, or flu...just Covid! And, yes, the technician probably should not have shared that information, but she did. Right after the last shot, I felt ill, and it just kept getting worse. It really makes no sense.