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@scottij, I would not expect a professional technician to be spreading rumors, although it is possible, and I never said it was happening to the general population. You say you do not know what happened to me, yet I do! I came down with Covid two-weeks after being vaccinated. My post stated that for the welfare of the people, the situation needs to be examined. You say "The coincidence of events is not enough evidence for definitive conclusions." That is very true. In my post, I stated "I would think this vaccination revelation needs to be investigated, as the people have a right to know what is going into their bodies."

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As @loribmt mentioned, those of us who use/have used steroids have a less robust immune response to the vaccines. My daughter and I fall into that category, and will probably have our antibody levels tested in a few months.

You also stated "Right after the last shot, I felt ill, and it just kept getting worse." That leads me to believe you already had been exposed to Covid before your second injection, which offers about 50% protection at best, especially since you are around a lot of people.

If the vaccine were capable of spreading the virus, the number of cases would be going UP as people are vaccinated, not dramatically down as it is. And if the vaccine were ineffective, the numbers again would be going UP as businesses open and masks are being shed, but again, it continues to go down.

Please trust the science in spite of a random remark. And you are correct, the technician should not have shared anecdotal information with you as fact.