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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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May I ask what are your t scores on all parts ? Since you took Actonel for 5 years, did it help? By how much? I took Actonel for 6-7 years and it helped to hold all numbers constant or improve a little except the femur neck. My ENDOs ( saw two) said Actonel doesn't work on femur neck only Prolia will. I learned that the reason it is hard to improve the density of femur neck is because it is hard for blood to go there so the drug doesn't go there as easy. I am not sure how Prolia works to bypass that difficulty.

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My physician is the one who had me on Actonel and now wants me on Prolia. She hasn’t given me any numbers – just said based in my last bone density test I have slight osteoporosis at the base of my neck. She has never discussed numbers.

Previous to Prolia my physician had stopped Actonel for over a year. Then she called me last November and told me because of my age (I will be 75 in a few weeks), I could be at risk of falls and as a preventative she would like me to go on Prolia. I spoke to my pharmacist and she said both of her parents were in Prolia and were happy with it; so I figured, if a pharmacist is comfortable with her parents taking Prolia, maybe I should go on it.

I must admit though that I have had more body aches since January (I got my first injection on January 5j that I have ever been. I have fibromyalgia so I am hoping it’s just a coincidental fibromyalgia flare up. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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