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Adult Onset Atopic Dermatitis

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Update: I am mostly rash free, and still have an itch across my mid-back between and over my scapulae (no rash there.) Mysteriously, I'll randomly have one bump pop out that's intensely itchy to the point of burning. I will use hypochlorous acid first (I make it at home and keep with me in my car, and in all my bathrooms.) If that doesn't get rid of it, I'll use clove oil. If that also doesn't work, I will use diclofenac sodium cream (sold OTC as Voltaren) – an anti-inflammatory cream. Just a dab of any of these products will usually take care of the problem. As the weather heats up, I can develop a patch of red, itchy bumps in an area previously unaffected, like the top of my thigh. The hypochlorous acid usually does the trick. Rash disappears within minutes. If I sweat, I wash the sweat off as soon as possible. So basically, I still know that the problem is there, but it's kept at bay. The cilantro and chlorella smoothies did not work for me with regard to my rash, but I still do it for about a week every couple of months, just for the detox. I use pine tar soap on my body and put tea tree oil in whatever shampoo I am using. This keeps my scalp free from itching. I don't restrict my activities at all

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I am just discovering that I probably have Grovers. I appreciate reading all the solutions you are finding. Unfortunately, I am one of those who HATE cilantro!

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