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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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Hi, First off, the doctor knew that I was quitting and he had no problem. (He is the head endocrinologist for a VERY large hospital.) He is also the one who calculated my risk if I quit the drug. I decided that I was not going to put chemotherapy drugs in my body with their consequences. I will accept the 25% risk of breaking a bone in the next 10 years rather than live with constant pain and hair loss. That is my decision. I now feel great and my hair loss has stabilized. But now I am even more suspicious of doctors and their recommendations. I wish you luck! I can't help myself but must add – remember, medicine is BIG business and doctors get money from the drug companies. I would suggest you go to physical therapy and exercise not too much and enjoy yourself, Kaye

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Hi Sewcouture, Thanks for your reply. I am glad that you are feeling better and seem very happy with your decision. I hope you keep us posted with good news in the future. By the way I do physical therapy at home. Did you say that I would not exercise too much? I exercise about 30 minutes daily, is it too much?

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