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Nasal passage blocked

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@zaa-this is why I tend to ask a few questions with my replies.
Everything is connected. Mind and Body.

TMJ-disorder. I would be curious to know if the ENT you saw, knew you had a long standing history of clenching? TMJ tightness/stress refers pain away from the actual site of the jaw joint. Over time this would cause
referred pain to the face, head, jaw into shoulders. Often times presenting as sinus/nasal pain and or congestion. If this is where you hold your stress, then in stressful times it would show up here. A Neurologist knows and understands pain referrals and headaches, before an ENT.

Many things contribute to inflammation/stress/congestion in the body;

Sleep, Nutrition (Vitamins/Minerals) Digestion, Physical Activity Level, Social Outlets/Community.
All 5 of these play a role in keeping the body feeling optimal.

Positives from your post is that you say you are normally an active person and you do have friends to get out with. I know this might seem hard with fatigue and depression, but even if you could schedule small outings and keep movement going it will help overall. Just small things to do for yourself.

Hope this was helpful.

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Agree, mind and body is connected. Stress has done much damage and I’m the type A person. Not sure if my ENT was aware about my TMJ. It’s all in my records that is available but surprisingly have found that they don’t review backgrounds. My answer right now is to get my tooth out and see if all the pain in my body starts to heal. Seems like everything is inflamed with poison. I also need to relax more and get the stress out….easier said than done. I’ve always worked on all of the 5 key areas you mentioned and good info you presented.