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Managing colitis with diet

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Are you on any prescription meds?

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Hi and thanks for getting back to me. At this moment I am weaning myself off of Paroxetine ( this week down to 5 mg) , On Drs advice I am taking Miralax, & Pepcid AC 20 mg. Also, take Alprazolam when needed to help the anxiety that comes with getting off the Paxil. During the past few years I have taken antibiotics often, on different Drs orders. Most recently I went to the local emergency room where they said I had diverticulitis and went on amoxacilin. Three days after the ER visit my regular Dr got a report saying that the first diagnosis was for another paient and should be ignored. Still I was made to finish the antibiotic without further testing.?? They came up with enterocolitis on the second try.