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Have you considered going to a different doctor? I was seeing an endocrinologist for my severe osteoporosis. I decided to see a rheumatologist because they also treat osteo among other diseases. I have been pleased with her and will stick with her as I start on Prolia next month. The reason I switched from the endocrinologist, a man, was that he absolutely refused to allow me to restart Evenity after I switched to another treatment which I could not tolerate. (I had decided that any side effects I thought Evenity caused were minor compared to the other options). The rheumatologist, a woman, consulted with the pharmaceutical rep and concluded there was no reason I could not restart Evenity. ( I don't even think I had an side effects with Evenity. I have numerous health problems so it is complicated. ) Don't be afraid to try another doctor if you are not sure what to do. After researching the subject of doctors who treat osteo I concluded that rheumatologists were better and the doctor I chose absolutely is better in every way than the endocrinologist I was seeing even though he is highly thought of. On depression, I think if you can have faith in your own judgement and wishes, and take control instead of delegating the decision to your doctor you may find it helps with your depression. My doctor said Prolia is the best treatment to follow Evenity. I have depression, too. I am 77 and have neuropathy. Nerve damage causing pain, weakness, fatigue, bladder, etc. I am not on meds for depression and struggle with it daily. I understand.

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My appt with a rheumatologist is december 1. I made that appt about 2 weeks ago. That is the soonest I can see that doctor. I am on wait list. I went to that same office 15 years ago when I was first diagnosed of osteo problem. But that doctor is no longer there and to see a different doctor there I have to wait till Dec. 1.