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Chris, If I knew what is the best for me I would not be depressed. I guess in medicine, every answer is wrong we just have to pick the best of all of the wrong answers. I came to this site to try to see what would be the best for me because I do not think doctors know better because they did not take the shots and therefore no experience with the side effects.
I think depression is a kind of genetic thing, it is in the DNA. I am the kind of person who gets depressed if I have no good answers for my problems. I have a friend who has breast cancer stage 4 but she is happy and runs around, goes to garage sales and bargins big time. She was first diagnosed 25 years ago and now the cancer is in the lungs and bones but she is not depressed. She is much younger than me. If I was her I would not be able to function at all. 0 functioning!!

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I hear you. I am also indecisive and go back and forth until the moment of truth arrives. My life partner, a real sweetheart, is a heavy-duty researcher. He acts as my Sargeant to get me going. He points out "what-ifs" for me. I think together we make better decisions. Do you have someone to check in with you?

Can you believe I taught courses in decision making when I was with the college. What happened in the last 30 years? More choices?

May you be content and at ease.