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Nasal passage blocked

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@ess77 -Elizabeth-thank you for sharing your story and experience.

The only way to make people more aware of the damaging risks of all ENT surgeries are to speak up about them.

As a patient in an ENT office, you will never get the full real scope of the risks. If anyone thinks for one second an ENT surgeon actually documents the damage done to their patients and then repeats their statistics to a new prospective patient then they are naive. Every ENT is trained to say the same thing when it comes to risks/benefits. Only 10% of patients who ever present to an ENT will maybe find some benefit of their poor surgeries.

The nose is a fine organ system. Ask yourself...would you let someone cut into your liver, kidney or heart? The only reason these surgeries can be presented as “minimally invasive, is because your nose is already open to the environment. That is it. ALL surgery is invasive and is a trauma to the body. Never let an ENT downplay this.

90% of the reason you are having breathing issues does not have to do with your anatomy. Do not be fooled into thinking so.

Get to the root cause. This does not involve a scalpel or cutting out of parts.

Elizabeth-I am glad you encountered an honest assistant.

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@nrd1 and all. I agree with much you said in your last message. But, don't get the idea I'm negative about ENT in general. I'm not. There are good, excellent doctors in all fields, but I had a difficult experience with mine many years ago. Today, I only see Mayo docs when possible as I have so many different fun things to ck out! I had some difficult times with several doctors prior to Mayo and mis-diagnoses, no diagnosis and such and several very difficult emergency room experiences. I have been going to the Mayo Florida Clinic since 2019 and experienced excellent care, kindness and concern for my best. I now know what's really happening in this body and getting good treatment and advice.
I am not a candidate for sinus surgery. It would be very helpful, but not at this time in my life with what's happening with me. And, my son did have a tough time with his 2 nasal surgeries for the same issue, by a reputable doctor. So, it depends on the patient and personal needs, and on the doctor.

Blessings to you as you get these issues addressed....elizabeth