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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I took Actonel for 6-7 years with zero side effects and I am on it again after 9 years taking nothing . I am in the middle of making a decision about Prolia.. But first I need to have teeth checked again even though I just had the exam and cleaning last mouth. One tooth seems to be hurting when I bit something hard. .Yes let's stay in touch.
By the way, why didn't doctor treat your mom's depression? I wonder. I was in deep depression back in 2005 when I was diagnosed of osteoprosis. It lasted 2 years of not being able to function.


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Hi Lee…..I think clinicians want the dental checks because of the jaw issues. I can remember just wanting all my teeth pulled.

And my Mom……that was a different era……she was not offered any therapy or medication for her depression. She was about 85 then and a resident in a Quaker facility. She had breast cancer that had metastisized and my Dad had recently passed after way too many falls and concussions from Alzheimer's. She was moved from an independent living situation to a shared room in a skilled nursing facility. Life seems to be much more difficult when you are either in bed or in a wheelchair all day long.

I am glad to see that the elderly are being recognized a bit more humanely and their needs are being met in more humane ways. I was living in Hawaii for several years and finally moved back to CA (Idyllwild) so my daughter didn't have to be responsible for her all of the time because of my absence.

Your depression of 2 years ended up with an inability to function. How were you cared for and treated so that you came out the other side?

May you be content and at ease.