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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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Good evening, thanks so much for your feedback. I learned some new realities. First of all, my mother did not die from the hip fracture. She was an active go-getter and when relegated to a wheelchair, found little to enjoy about life. I think she could have learned to walk again but chose not to. So….if she had not fractured her hip, things wouldn't have seemed so bleak. She also stopped communicating as depression overtook her.

Re: Prolia reactions. I will withhold further claims about no side effects from Prolia until I have had my next injection or even the third injection. That is good advice. The negative reactions from the bisphosphonate happened with a few days and then got worse.

My indecisive brain is right now remembering how much I stewed and fumed over this decision. I about made myself sick. When they told me how it would be taken care of in the ER for immediate reactions, I felt a bit better. I will stay in touch with you should anything else happen that might be helpful for you and others.

May you be content and at ease.

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Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I took Actonel for 6-7 years with zero side effects and I am on it again after 9 years taking nothing . I am in the middle of making a decision about Prolia.. But first I need to have teeth checked again even though I just had the exam and cleaning last mouth. One tooth seems to be hurting when I bit something hard. .Yes let's stay in touch.
By the way, why didn't doctor treat your mom's depression? I wonder. I was in deep depression back in 2005 when I was diagnosed of osteoprosis. It lasted 2 years of not being able to function.