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Eliquis and Turmeric

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Hello and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a community of people living with a wide variety of diseases and health conditions who share our journeys and try to help each other along the way We are not medical professionals, so we do not provide medical advice. We share what has or has not worked for us. In addition, we encourage you to become your own best advocate in your health care.

You have started by asking the question about taking Eliquis (Apixiban) with the supplement turmeric. This is a question to be addressed to the physician who prescribed Eliquis, or to a trusted pharmacist. Both medications are blood thinners, but as an unregulated supplement, there is no assurance as to the level of active ingredient in each brand of turmeric. Turmeric also has some other properties like being an antiinflammatory, whay would you be planning to use it? Other considerations would be your dose of Eliquis, all of your other medications and your medical history. A combination that may be safe for someone else might not be for you.

Please check with a provider, and let us know what you learn, in the interest of educating our whole group.

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My provider and pharmacy can’t answer this question!

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