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Postherpetic Neuralgia (Shingles) nerve damage

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Hello @melaniekerena7, I would also like to welcome you to Connect. I am so sorry to hear of your continuing Shingles pain. If you could share a bit more with us as to the location of the Shingles outbreak and any medications that you have been prescribed that would help us to support you during this time.

In September 2020 I had a very minor lesion of Shingles on the lower, right side of my back. Unfortunately, I waited about five days before seeing the doctor. My doctor prescribed an anti-viral medication and medication for the pain. Have you also had the anti-viral medication? I also took Gabapentin which is specific for nerve pain.

Even though that episode is over 6 months ago, I still have tingling and pain in that area. My doctor surmises that I probably have some permanent nerve damage. It seems to get activated by stress, lack of sleep or, other environmental factors such as a change in the weather, etc.

I have found that a really good first aid for Shingles pain is an ice pack. I did not find that heat worked all that well. However, an ice pack numbs that area for a good long time and keeps you more comfortable.

What pain meds are you taking currently?

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I just found ur reply .i do not have a computer.plus im comp.illiterate.I didnt see a Dr For 2 mos. I did the ice pk.alot,cryd alot.Went 60 miles east to find a good Dr.Gen.Lyrica.But like in my past i couldnt speak well taking it studdering. Its been like 5 mos.Its right under my breast& in it & at times before it would go around my back.Tests cost $$.So when im done payin that visit ill go back.He wanted me back a wk. Later.took Amtrak to see him.I do not get any sleep maybe 3hrs if lucky. I waiting for records ,as i may actually ask something for sleep.the pain im use to.Its the no sleep .I appreciate your knowledge.Gabapenton,makes me studder though for nerve endings.i dont feel either of that is good( to studder,cant speak) nope,Godbless Thanks for your time.

My shingles wasn’t to painful but I didn’t know I even had them because of where it broke out. One spot was just below my collar bone on the left side. The other was the back of my arm just above the elbow. I never saw them after showering because I didn’t look into a mirror and my chin was always in the way. This was many years ago and the doctor prescribed a cream to apply to it. If I remember correctly, he said it breaks out on the same nerve side, mine was on the left side. There is a vaccine out for Shingles that may help you and ease the pain, check it out with your pharmacist or GP.

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