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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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It is so nice of you to write to me. I talked to my endo doctors (2 of them, one in the university hospital), both told me none of their patients had any problems and everything I see online are not real. And I also talked to Prolia and all she said is what is already posted online on their website. She could not tell me what happens after 3 years and she could not tell me if I quit and get on a different drug will preserve what gained from Prolia. Will you tell me what was your t score on femur neck before and after prolia and also are you still on it? If not, why? Thanks in advance for your help. Also why your risk for tooth extracted is lowered?

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I am not remembering exactly what my scores were but, I do remember the minus number dropped a full point. I was on on the infusion type which does carry a small risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw, it is a small risk that you won’t heal properly after tooth extraction. The extra time since I have had the infusion further lowers that risk for me. We tried everything to save this broken tooth but it hasn’t been cooperative. I do plan to resume prolia when it is recommended by my doctor. He recommended we temporarily discontinue during the pandemic due to the COVID-19 risk to myself and my family.