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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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Good decisions shouldn’t require angst. I am so sorry you have felt this. Please ignore the Facebook bots, and get real information from patients and doctors. I took prolia for a few years prior to the pandemic and my osteoporosis improved, with zero side effects. My doctor actually said the risk was higher coming in for the treatment due to COVID-19 than waiting for the foreseeable future. Which has worked out perfectly since now I have to have a tooth extracted and that lowers my risk for a side effect from it. A good decision is always an informed one. A few comments ago one of the mentors or moderators posted a number for the company, talk to them, then talk to your doctor, then talk to your friends who might also have taken it. Then make an informed decision. Good luck and please take care.

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It is so nice of you to write to me. I talked to my endo doctors (2 of them, one in the university hospital), both told me none of their patients had any problems and everything I see online are not real. And I also talked to Prolia and all she said is what is already posted online on their website. She could not tell me what happens after 3 years and she could not tell me if I quit and get on a different drug will preserve what gained from Prolia. Will you tell me what was your t score on femur neck before and after prolia and also are you still on it? If not, why? Thanks in advance for your help. Also why your risk for tooth extracted is lowered?