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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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I am 71 with femur neck t score of -3.7 in 2021. It was -3.3 about 14 years ago. I took Actonel for 6 years and 8 years of nothing after that. My hip t score is -2 which was also -2 14 years ago and spine number has been the same since 14 years ago and the number is better than osteopina. I think Actonel worked on all parts except femur neck. Recently my endo doctor told me Actonel doesn't work on femur neck and only Polia would.

I read all possible side effects of Prolia and terrified of using it. Endo told me each year I can expect improvement of .1 so this means after 3 years my t score would be -3.4. What good will that do? Take a high risk and gain so little and the gain won't really help, I am still doomed.

My sister said for 14 years i did not break any bones and t score only worsen by .4 so maybe another 14 years I will be just fine. AT that time I will be 85 or dead. Can anyone give me some advice? I am just so depressed and don't know where to go to get a good and right solution.

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Good afternoon, I don't know if I can give you advice. How can I make a difference? I can tell you I went through months of worrying and researching about all post Tymlos options. I had uncontrollable side effects from bisphosphonates so my options were limited. This report by Mayo Clinic was the best I could find as a starter.
With more than a little apprehension, I accepted Prolia. My PCP and the technician giving the injection both told me they had not seen any negative reactions. I trust my PCP totally. Well, it has been two weeks and I have not had any sensitivity or reactions to the first dose. I am relieved and ready to pursue this choice for osteoporosis protection.

Please protect yourself…….all I have to do to motivate myself is to remember how my beautiful mother died. It was from a fall as she reached out to greet me with a hug. The result was a broken hip. She was not even aware of osteoporosis and neither was I.

She never walked again and soon stopped eating and communicating.

Please protect yourself. We are all living longer these days and need our bones to be the best they can be as we age.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.