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Oh….Thank-You so much for messaging me about the practices on this site. I have never participated in a chat room or a forum before and I’m kind of dense I guess, not realizing people could misuse my FB name or email address. Yes… I will definitely check back here…update my condition…and try to find answers to my many questions for sure!!!
This forum has been a godsend to me… I have researched corpectomy‘s a lot before, but I never thought about looking for a forum/chat room to find out some information from people that have gone through the same thing. My sister-in-law asked me last night if I had done that? I never even thought of it. I am so so glad I did it because yours was the first site I went to and it’s been a tremendous help in trying to understand what’s going on with me…..in thinking about what questions I should have answered …and also giving me some bit of ‘peace’ in realizing that I’m not the only one out there going through this.
Again, Thank-You for letting me in on this site. I truly appreciate all of the kind and caring people that have written back to me in hopes of helping me figure this all out. I know this will help me next week when I go back for my 12 week check up, while I still have some concerns about my walking ability and my legs.
As my son continues to tell me… ‘Take it one day at a time, Mom’ …and that’s what I’m trying to do. ☺️❤️

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@constancebabe I was wondering how you are doing with walking and your recovery?

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