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Thank-You so much for responding. Your post helps me a lot….and You asked ALOT of good questions that I need to pursue. I will check back here regularly and let you know what I find out.
Thank-You again!!!

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@constancebabe I'm glad I could help. Please do check back in and let me know how you are doing. When you ask the right questions, you get your doctors to consider things they may not have thought about. I was able to find the answers to my spine issues when 5 surgeons missed it and had refused to help me because they didn't understand my symptoms. I would look for the next surgeon just in case things didn't work out with a current one and I read their research literature. In doing that, and looking up terminology, I found literature with case studies similar to mine, and I sent that in when I requested to be seen at Mayo. I also watched a lot of surgeons presenting their cases for other surgeons online at conferences, so I understood a lot about spine surgery and that helped me know when I was in front of a good surgeon who understood the issues. It was my Mayo surgeon's paper that had the term I looked up "funicular pain" and his paper referenced leg pain with cervical stenosis, so I knew he would understand. Before I came to Mayo, surgeons were telling me my leg pain and difficulty walking was not related to my spine issue with cord compression at C5/C6 which of course it was. I sent that literature to the last surgeon who refused to help me after I had spine surgery that resolved the issues. I was kind with my letter to him, and never heard from him after that. Still, it was the right thing to do even if he would never admit the error.

I just read a few of your other posts. I hadn't seen those before I answered you, but I did see you had had a brain aneurism and related surgery and an issue with the femoral artery and that past history could be part of the issues you are having with walking and swelling in your legs. It is worth asking about how much that past history could play into your current symptoms and if something has changed. By the same token, you can't assume that is the total picture and need to ask if there are other issues or problems yet undiscovered at the root of the issues that can either be found or ruled out. You might want to consider a second opinion at Mayo and when Mayo analyses a patient with a history of multiple issues, they will retest and reconfirm the findings and collaborate between departments to try to figure out all the issues and which is most important. Mayo has also been doing a lot of research with spinal cord injury patients and walking and they have a lot of specialists.

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