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Tuberculosis Test Results

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Hi @aroostookmaine and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Members in the Connect forum aren’t medical professionals so we can’t diagnose health problems. However, we can share our own personal experiences and valuable insights to offer help and encouragement.

Were you having symptoms which prompted the TB test? When you received the results did you have a consultation with your medical provider?
They would have the best and most reliable answer to your question about the test. If you tested positive, just to be sure it’s safe, there should be a follow-up with your provider.

Here is an excerpt from the CDC website on tuberculin testing:
“Positive TB blood test: This means that the person has been infected with TB bacteria. Additional tests are needed to determine if the person has latent TB infection or TB disease.“
Have you had any further testing to see if you have an active infection or if it’s latent?
Here is another informative link from the CDC regarding having latent TB and what that means.
It would put your mind at ease by just calling your doctor to find out. ☺️

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New employee testing.

No symptoms , blood test first and then a skin test as second test which is negative. Waiting on chest xray.

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