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my physician knew of the Vitamin D3, Tums, , and Turmeric but never said anything about it. They knew I stopped Celebrex and baby aspirin when I found out what I had. As for my addition of black cumin seeds and oil, I can't remember if I did mention them. Normally when I go to the doctors office I always bring a new typed document with all meds and OTC meds I'm taking and nothing was ever mentioned about them interacting with my meds, so I just thought it was ok. Now I'm not sure if my documents I bring each time is input into the file and if the doctor knows about them. I would assume he does.

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@dablues and @loribmt
Thanks to both of you for such good personal and informative discussion about supplements that so many of us use. While I never had a significant list that I took, there was a time in the not too distant past when they didn’t receive much attention when I had medication reviews. But for about five years now they do impact decisions as my Rx list has grown. As I have had 3-7 surgeries a year for the past five years, there is always a good review and certain supplements related to bleeding possibilities are eliminated around surgery dates. If surgery wasn’t the only time of risk, my choice would fall in line with what Lori is suggesting. Your doctors may not always catch the interaction risk, but all of us need to stay alert and be our own best advocates. You, @dablues, made a great start by reaching out to Connect for help. Believe me, you and Lori are helping many others with this discussion. Especially those who have not had to consider personal impact yet as you have. And I encourage others to share as they can or need. Thank you to both of you for your contributions. @dablues, how is this platform helping you as you need to continue to make your decisions?