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Blood Cancers & Disorders | Last Active: May 13, 2021 | Replies (11)

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Thank you and there I go, thinking I'm doing great things for my health. Fish Oil, Turmeric, Black Cumin Seeds and oil, etc. So all I'm doing is making my body worse. I can give up all except but garlic fresh and vitamin D. I don't get enough sun so need that and I was raise dong garlic so that also is a no no?

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@dablues Don’t admonish your self over this. You were doing what you thought was beneficial for your health. Unfortunately we’re often misled that herbs and over the counter supplements are completely safe. They’re not. There can be strong contraindications for use with other medications or medical conditions.

In my own medical experience, having been treated for AML and a bone marrow transplant, I’m still on several medications. I’m fortunate to have a pharmacist on my transplant team whom I meet with every 3 months. Under his direction and my transplant doctor all herbal extracts, essential oils and other over the counter supplements are taboo for me, except the Vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium.
We have no way of knowing how they might be impacting my medications. And I admit, I miss my turmeric tea!

But I’m on these meds for a reason and they’re doing a great job of keeping me alive. So in all honesty, for your situation, if this were me, I’d set aside all of the supplements except the medications I’m prescribed.

There are great websites you can check to see if drugs are compatible with other things you’re taking if you’re curious.

One last note...are you just using the garlic for flavoring? Or in large amounts as a supplement?