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Hi Lee – Thanks for your great advice and encouragement. I figured out a new fasting schedule to try; and it's quite similar to yours, ie fast every other day, skip all breakfasts and eat lunch and dinner four days a week. This should shake things up. Regarding how smart our bodies are — One of the most amazing ideas I've come across in my journey to learn about functional medicine and food as medicine was the importance of detoxing in order to lose fat. Toxins are stored in our bodies in our fat. This particular researcher said our bodies are so smart they won't let us burn fat and release toxins that can harm us, thus it's necessary to get rid of the toxins in order to lose fat. I have no idea if this is true, but it's pretty amazing if it is. All of you on this thread really inspire me! Thanks.

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I'm not sure about the not burning fat to avoid releasing toxins but I could imagine a mechanism by which burning fat released toxins and that the presence of toxins could inhibit further fat loss. I think some of these functional medicine theories are going to be difficult to test and prove because unlike clinical trials related to a medication or device there isn't a good funding source for interventions that only involve food or fasting. That's why it's important for individuals experimenting with these approaches to get together and share their experiences and results so we can learn together.