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My husband was dx with Jak2 about 10 months go when his WBC was high on a few lab tests.He has recently started 1000mg/day of Hydroxyurea for a platelet count of 950,000. In three weeks , the count went down to 265,000 and the dose was cut to 500mg/day… but his hematocrit is still high at 52. Dr did first phlebotomy today (pint) He wants the level to go down to 40 to 45. What concerns me is… his GI Dr happened to test his iron/ ferritin last week and his ferritin is LOW at 17. The hematologist said he ABSOLUTELLY can not take any iron and the ferritin will drop even lower after the phlebotomies ( every 2 weeks ) but not to worry as he hematocrit needs to come down. Thoughts?

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Hi donlynn, I moved your questions to this existing discussion on the same topic of JAK2 mutation, high platelets and hematocrit and low ferritin. I did this so you can connect with other members like @pattitoo @mjpm2406 @helen2209 @stevehurlburt and more.

Am I understanding correctly that the hematologists primary concern is the hematocrit levels and that it needs to be corrected before the ferritin issue can be addressed?

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