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Roger Landers (@skier)

Meditation for chronic pain: What works for you?

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Hi @skier, Great pic. I hope you'll upload it to your profile picture. Interesting that you didn't chooser @cyclist as your username. Do you or did you also ski?

There are several members, like @cedarfirefly @artscaping @gman007 @lioness @lucie2 @mtbox2 @kelseylmontague who talked about their success with meditation related to chronic pain in this past discussion:
– Do you meditate? And does it help? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/do-you-meditate-and-does-it-help/

@kelseylmontague and @rwinney, I'd be interested in what you learned about meditation or mindfulness at the Pain Rehab program.

Jamie also suggested the app Breathe. I don't use meditation specifically for pain management, but I do listen to guided meditation to slow down for a break during the day and to help me sleep. I like the short (free) mindfulness meditations that are included with my Fitbit and use a 2, 5 or 10 minute meditation during the day to help me take a breath before changing gears to a different task or whatever. For sleeping, I listen to podcasts. Skier, have you searched podcasts for meditations specifically about reducing pain?

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Good afternoon @skier. You are asking about a practice that becomes a useful tool because it changes the thoughts that you permit to control your mind. We call it mindful meditation or compassionate mindfulness. It is not a 3 session Zoom meeting. My meditation group meets every Thursday and has done so for five years. Our practice begins with "awareness". At first, we learn to have loving-kindness for ourselves, and acceptance of our bodies as they are. That might begin a journey during which our pain is given an identifier and we chat with it when needed.

Does this practice rid you of your pain? As yet, there is no cure for Neuropathy. There are programs and medications that help mitigate the pain we survive every day. I am hanging on tightly to my mindfulness meditation practice. When needed, it doesn't let me down. I just have to be loyal.

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.