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If you have had TB, you are at risk for recurrence, and also for other lung infections. Infection symptoms can come on slowly – I had MAC (a non-tubercular mycobacteria infection) for over 2 years with coughing and mucus before I experienced weight loss, night sweats, etc. Maybe your doc should do a sputum culture to see what is happening?

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I am still undergoing TB treatment and will be doing xray test and probably a sputum test as well in May. I not sure about TB though since I don't have cough and other TB symptoms which I used to have last year. Also my xray from January was good according to doctor. But as you said, I am also worried about reappearance. Even then I wonder, I never had this issue during peak of my TB issues. I used to have cough with phlegm sometimes which was red or yellow. Red because my lungs started to get damaged and it was blood staining my phlegm. Right now, it's just clear , almost like saliva but thick and coming from chest. My weight has remained the same as well throughout the last 5 months.

I also have mac and stage emphysema what was your treatment for Mac I've been taking three antibiotics for over a year now I hope I don't have to go for another year I'm in the hospital getting a lung transplant evaluation or hopefully I'll qualify for the zephyr valve which would at least give me a little bit more time definitely hard to handle