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@gosssamer702-Hi. I empathize with you and your pain. It sounds like you have been diligent in your search for answers with many providers/specialists.
You mentioned a couple of things;
•This was a traumatic injury. I am curious if you have worked with body therapists, to address the musculature tension & emotional tension that has occurred in your body?
•With chronic pain, overtime this affects the nervous system, which keeps everything on high alert, which can cause bracing, shaking and rigidity. Have you worked with someone to address your sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system? For example a cranial/sacral therapy, myofascial release therapy?
•While I’m not sure what the traumatic event was that caused your injury, that in itself can cause a stress response that stays in the body. All of these things can create a lot of tension. Leading to more chronic pain.
I hope the additional thoughts/input help.

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Thank you so much for your quick and kind response. My injury occurred working part time as a receiving clerk at JoAnn Fabrics. Please note that I am 4’9” and weigh 90 lbs. I was instructed to move several large heavy boxes. The first attempt caused a “pop” noise in my lower back, hip and knee. The workers comp doctor reported that this was preexisting condition and I was denied any benefits. 🙄 Being part time, I had no health insurance and could not afford to buy the Affordable Care Act insurance. Initially, no one would see me due to no insurance. I did try many other alternative therapies but none of them really helped much. This past January, I was finally able to get health insurance although nearly two years had past since the injury. I am scheduled to see a highly rated Orthopedic Spine Specialist in three weeks to see what he thinks and recommends.