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Restless legs syndrome (RLS) and mirtazapine

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Hello, Vanessa and John. @vhn, @johnbishop. I have severe restless leg syndrome diagnosed at the Mayo Sleep Dept during a sleep study a couple years ago. I've had this issue for years, never addressed. The sleep staff did some bloodwork and found I have a very low ferrous level….iron deficiency, often found with RLS. I take Vitron, iron plus C that helps with absorption. Wow, did that help and make a big difference, i.e. RLS lessened and fatigue and other iron deficiency symptoms improved. Also, I'm taking Requip, dopamine enhancer. Another great find! No more RLS, between the two, the problem is controlled.

AND, side effects from both are good for me! I apparently am benefiting from the improved dopamine. No more tremors, only on first waking and/or when more anxious than normal, feet work better and hurt less, legs aren't feeling like or acting like tree trunks, walk better, stand straighter most of the time. In general, my legs and feet and toes are all improved, and more energy, less anxiety and better outlook on the world.

And, I think I'm better in lots of ways due to the b-pap for severe apnea. Also, Vanessa, I'm using MMJ, 1:1 tincture, at bedtime, for pain and anxiety and sleep….. Helps a bunch!

Since I have reflux and have those wedge pillows under my mattress head, I can't elevate my feet too well! But, do elevate every chance during the day. It's a requirement for me now, for edema and blood flow, neuropathy.

Don't know if you can benefit from any of my experiences and finds, hope so. It's amazing how we help each other. And, you're so right about Mayo. That one dept study re sleep apnea led to diagnosis, treatment and relief from RLS, helps with neuropathy, fatigue and all the other side effects that have made a big difference.
Blessings and may your journey continue to lead to good folks and good progress. elizabeth

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Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm actually scheduled for blood work, so the timing is great for me to bring this to my doctors' attention when reviewing the results. My grandmother has had to have blood infusions for iron deficiency. She's nearly 93, but there still is the possibility that there is a genetic component to my RLS experiences beyond aging.

Forgive my ignorance, I'm not familiar with MMJ? Google leads me to believe it is medical marijuana derivatives?

I still have intermittent neuropathy, too, following a MVA. I started on Gabapentin initially to address the neuropathy, without understanding until later that Gaba also helps with anxiety. I continue to take Gabapentin on the regular, and definitely notice if I miss too many doses.

I work in BioPharma, so I'm always intrigued to learn what works AND WHY! LOL

I'm so glad, Elizabeth, that you have found some relief and a proper diagnosis. It's a pleasure to "meet" good folks along the journey. I will keep you posted on my journey to wellness. I wish you continued good health!

Kind Regards,


@ess77 I'm so happy for you that Mayo gave you the procedure they did .I found info from John Hopkins that did a study on iron and RLS here,s the website http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/RLS that talks about iron .