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Legs and Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

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Hello Ron,
I’m just so sorry you’re still experiencing the leg issues. I was hoping those symptoms were lessening for you. And now to learn that your eyesight and hearing are becoming increasingly impaired…life just keeps hurling curveballs, doesn’t it?! I can imagine the challenge this poses to your daily activities and quality of life.

I don’t want to pry but have you spoken to doctors about your vision and hearing? Are there any correction aids which could help you with reading or restoring your hearing loss?

Reading an earlier post of yours…you have a dog! What kind is it? I’m a huge dog lover but not in the position to get another one for a while. But I sure do miss the companionship! Our neighbors just got a new puppy this week! An 8 week old Golden. I’m over the moon with joy at being able to give belly rubs and smell puppy breath. Not sure if I could handle the energy of a puppy though at my age! Haha

Wishing you a pleasant day! Lori.

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Hi Lori,
I have visited ENT for hearing have appointment for eyes. My dog is what I call a Heinz 57. She is part of 5 different types. The body of a Gorky, ears and curly hair like a Cocker Spaniel, the face of a Chijuaua and the coloring of a blonde Retriever. Thank you for your reply, always glad to hear from you.