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Heel pain after COVID-19 vaccine

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Yes, it has been slightly over 2 weeks after the second Covid 19 Moderna vaccine. My heel pain has lessened to a feeling of a slight bruise. My walking gait is normal again and has gained in speed. Oh yes, I have added a daily zinc and extra vitamin C supplement to my regimen to encourage healing. I'm also adding cinnamon and turmeric to my diet to eliminate inflammation. The only stubborn symptom is a slight swelling on bottom of heel and around ankle bone. I will ask my doctor if he wants to take an xray to look at the bone in the bruised area.

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This is exactly what happened to me. I took the first Pfizer doze on Thursday afternoon and today is Saturday. My heel pain started yesterday, it’s pounding. It feels if I walked all day or ran a marathon. The pain is killing me… it hurts when I walk to a place from another…. It’s just the heel… I’m starting to feel tingly on my heel and lower leg… please tell me, did your heel pain go away?? Please advise

I just thought I’d let you know that I’m having some ankle pain after my booster and wanted to see if anyone else experienced it too. I was pretty sure it was from the vax because I was really sick in the beginning of 2020, with what was probably Covid. There weren’t many tests available at that time and my symptoms were all the things they only said were part of Covid later. I knew it was happening again because during that March 2020 illness I had excruciating ankle, foot and calves painful with severe spasms. So, this is like that only much milder. It’s a good reminder of everything that happened to me when I had the real virus. It was waaaay worse than the vaccine.