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Orthopaedic Laser Post Shoulder Replacement

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Good evening @mwsa1945. I have a few questions for you and some thoughts. Is the surgery for your daughter the result of trauma to her shoulder? Was your daughter's shoulder injury recent? I have had 4 shoulder surgeries including a reverse replacement. The subject of laser therapy pre and post-surgery was never mentioned so I am very interested.

I did find an advertisement similar to the one that you made a reference to. Did you verify the authenticity of the organization and the validity of the product that was being promoted? I am being protective because I, myself, was recently introduced to a phototherapy option for a skin condition and am currently receiving two treatments per week. I certainly did my homework before agreeing to the treatment. My dermatologist who has been helping me for several years made the referral.

What benefit is your daughter looking for from this therapy?

May you have contentment and ease.

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You have had four shoulder surgeries. Do you have terrible pain? I do. I have a very tight band feeling around my shoulder and terrible burning sensation. Is this normal ?
13 weeks from surgery.

Thanks. I attached some info. It seems so far as I can tell there may/may not be beneficial as there are no valid scientific studies so far in my research. I’ll keep looking.

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Hi intensity laser on pain Review (The-Beneficial-Effects-of-High-Intensity-Laser-Therapy-and-Co-Interventions-on-Musculoskeletal-Pain-Management-A-Systematic-Review-PubMed.pdf)