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Allodynia: Anyone else sensitive to touch?

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I feel like I am sunburned, but I'm not. My skin hurts all over, even when nothing is touching. For instance, I am wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and my arms hurt. My face hurts. I will see my regular physician this coming Friday. I am hoping she might have some answers. I used to have an occasional bout that would last 24 hours or so. I have now been in this flare for days. It saps all of my energy, and it is much harder to concentrate, even small tasks like pouring a cup of coffee and remembering to put it in the microwave to heat it. And I have sleep deprivation. What I have read so far since I joined this Mayo Clinic site is people have localized pain like this. My pain is all over my body. I rarely have migraines. Has anyone out there found a doctor and medication that helps?

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Hello @gwen4, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad to hear you have an appointment to see your regular doctor this coming Friday. Hopefully she will be able to figure what is causing your pain and suggest a treatment. I have no medical experience but your symptoms sound similar to Fibromyalgia. Here is an article with questions and answers on the condition.

Mayo Clinic Q and A: How is fibromyalgia diagnosed?: https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mayo-clinic-q-and-a-how-is-fibromyalgia-diagnosed/

Do you normally write down your questions for the doctor and take them to your appointment with you? I have found it helps so that I don't forget to ask them at the appointment.

Hi- I’m so sorry. This was my very first symptoms. Most doctors can’t or won’t help.
I’ve tried savella, kepra n Lyrica. Just recently I’m trying Nucynta witch actually works pretty good. Until now only opiates seem to really knock th burning n nerve pain.
Salon pas numbing or any non capsaicin works too.
Prayers for you as I know even the bed sheets hurt🙁