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Telecoils can double the value of hearing aids! Do you know how?

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Indeed – t-coils allows for you to hear on your telephones, in places where there are audio loop systems and when paired with your Bluetooth, they allow you to hear with your assistive listening devices. Technology wasn't this way 5 or even 10 years ago. I wasn't given hearing aids when my parents knew that I was born HOH. They tried their best to teach me to hear and learn without any accommodations back in the 50's. I wasn't aware until I was 50 years old that I was mod to severe hearing loss that by then it was too late to do much. That is why whatever you can use to enhance your hearing loss – the better. Because you only have two ears and a brain that does you hearing for life. Mine is nearly gone and not much can be done since I have organic brain syndrome as a consequence to the 50 years of lack of brain stimulation. Don't do that to your brain. Get on the ball and find what you need to stimulate your brain cells- your cochlear hearing cells – be it hearing aids, cochlear implants with all of devices that go with hearing well. You brain will need the elasticity to keep it alive. Research is growing leaps and bounds right now to our benefit. They have medicines, devices, futuristic ideas about where we can go with this. Way beyond what we know right now. But you have to contribute to the story by being involved. The few of us can't be the only ones. We have been waiting for so long but there is hope on the horizon. T-coils let me hear like I have real hearing. Almost like I never lost my hearing at all. It is an ah ha moment when you first hear in the loop. Try it sometime.. It is worth every cent and more.