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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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Good afternoon @rashida, Unfortunately Justin is no longer with Connect. I am happy to respond to your inquiries about osteoporosis and Prolia. One of the differences between Facebook and Connect is the use of mentors and moderators who review every post for authenticity. So….in regards to Prolia, I will be starting it next month after 2 years on Tymlos which was chosen because of a bad reaction to bisphosphonates.

That sensitivity has made me wary. I have found good information by calling the manufacturer, Amgen, and talking to a medical professional. We know that everyone reacts differently in both positive and negative experiences. The studies that have been done indicate that only about 10% of the folks on Prolia have some kind of side effect. Because of the time between infusions, it is not possible to create a test situation. You need to have the entire subcutaneous dosage. For example, I will be staying in the clinic for 3 hours to make sure I have no reaction. If there is a reaction after that, I will proceed to the ER or Urgent Care for assistance.

Would you like to talk to the manufacturer's medical staff? Here is the number: 800 772-6436. Please let me know how it goes for you. Is your clinician a PCP, an Endocrinologist, or another type of specialist?

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.

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@artscaping Thank you, Chris! I am glad to hear you will be on Prolia too – gives me someone to compare notes with! All that information on the Facebook page is mind boggling. Some people on that Facebook page even said talking to Amgen is no use, that they are not going to say anything negative to discourage users because after all, they are selling the drug and don’t want to lose sales.

My physician has started me on Prolia and I asked her if there is any alternative and she said no. I asked about going back to Actonel and she said that’s a bisphosphonate that I have been on already, and that can be taken for just five years, which I have, so I can’t go back on I do not have severe osteoporosis (just slight, at the base of my neck and top of my spine) but my doctor wants me on it just as a preventative.